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If you were given a choice, would you choose wealth or happiness? Surely most of us would want both, wouldn’t we? However, there are also people who prefer comfort instead of chasing after wealth or happiness. But how do we define comfort? For those people who choose a comfortable lifestyle, what do they mean by […]


Tips to choose a safe and secure bank

In addition to the range of financial services and products offered, security is one of the top criteria that people consider upon choosing a bank. This is because neither of us would want to open an account at a bank where we always have to be nervous about our account details or money being stolen. […]


How does Timo act as your personal financial guard?

Account security is always one of the top concerns of every cardholder. With Timo, you can always bank with a peace of mind knowing that your account and card are protected with several layers of security. Some of the layers of security that Timo has include: OTP/iOTP, Quick Code, etc. How many layers of security […]

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