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Should you pay your shopping bills with Timo Fast Cash or Timo MasterCard Installment?

New Year’s Eve comes with all this preparation and shopping that needs to be done, increasing the financial burden for many of people. To make our customers’ lives easier, Timo offers 2 special products to help you get everything you need without worrying about breaking the bank: Timo Fast Cash & Timo MasterCard Installment. If […]


How to get a fast loan with Timo?

Have you ever been in a situation where you face unexpected issues requiring an extra amount of cash that you do not have in your bank account? What would make an ideal backup plan to make sure you can react quickly in these situations? Look no further, because Timo Fast Cash is just the right […]


How is Timo Fast Cash different compared to traditional loans?

In parallel with a wide range of traditional types of loans, most banks have now offered overdraft loans. With outstanding benefits such as fast approval, flexible loan limit and simple repayment, overdraft loan is believed to be the suitable “financial savior” for a large number of people. What is an overdraft loan? An overdraft loan […]

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