Significant benefits of IB program worldwide

The IB program is one of the top three academic programs in the world. With the many comprehensive advantages for young education, the degree is highly appreciated by prestigious universities. Moreover, the IB program is increasingly becoming trending in Vietnam. So what is an IB program? What are its significant benefits worldwide? To find out the answer, please review the following article from TheTips.

What is an IB program?

IB (International Baccalaureate) or IB program is a non-profit educational program established in 1968 and focuses on development in 4 aspects. They are intellectual, personal, emotional and soft skills to develop the ability to study and work in a globalized environment nowadays.

IB is highly regarded, especially by universities worldwide. In order to be allowed to introduce the IB program into high school instruction, schools must meet strict requirements for teaching standards and be authorized by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) to deliver the course. Currently, there are 892 high schools in the US that are allowed to teach IB Diploma programs such as The Village School, Windermere Preparatory School, North Broward Preparatory School, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, etc.

What is an IB program? (Source: Internet)

Significant benefits of IB program worldwide

The IB program in general and the IB degree in particular are always recognized and favored by major universities in the world. For students who take IB classes, there is always an advantage in receiving scholarships, college credit waivers and other university admission requirements.

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Significant benefits of IB program worldwide (Source: Internet)

1. College credit exemption

When students complete the IB course and obtain an IB degree, they will be exempted from credit when studying in a university program (especially for Texas, USA, up to 24/30 credits in the first year of college). Famous universities in the world such as Yale University, Harvard University, McGill University, University of Melbourne, etc. are ready to exempt or reduce credits for students if they meet the requirements for completing the IB degree.

If students do not complete the IB degree program, they can only focus on studying IB courses according to their own strengths, this way, even if they do not have an IB degree, students will still be exempted from college credit for IB subjects studied in high school. Because of this flexible structure of the IB program, most students can save time and Money on studying at university.

2. Chances of getting into great and TOP universities

Most of the major universities around the world accept IB degrees and rate these students as more potential than others. For IB students, they understand how to see things as they really are and learn to solve problems instead of simply focusing on the answers. Students are taught to answer the question “How?” and “Why?” rather than “What?”. Learning IB is not having “right” or “wrong” answers but only “good” or “bad”. This means that students will have more critical thinking, sensitivity, and creativity. This is exactly what major universities look for in a student.

3. Scholarships

According to statistics, students who attend IB classes are always rated higher than students who only study according to standard programs and have a higher chance of receiving scholarships. The percentage of students enrolled in the IB program graduating from university is also much higher than that of the standard program. IB students usually perform very well in interviews as well as their academic and community activities are more active than their peers.

The above article from TheTips gives you the general information about IB program definition as well as its significant benefits of IB program worldwide. Hopefully, these information will give parents and students a better understanding about the IB program. Then each of them can make a right decision for themselves or their children to learn at an international school teaching IB program.