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How is Timo Fast Cash different compared to traditional loans?

In parallel with a wide range of traditional types of loans, most banks have now offered overdraft loans. With outstanding benefits such as fast approval, flexible loan limit and simple repayment, overdraft loan is believed to be the suitable “financial savior” for a large number of people. What is an overdraft loan? An overdraft loan […]


Your step-by-step guide on how to apply & use Timo Fast Cash

Is your account balance in a “worrying state” with insufficient funds for you to survive financially until the end of the month? Have you heard about one of our digital banking products – Fast Cash? If you’re facing issues and are concerned with your account balance of late, then consider Timo’s Fast Cash and continue reading […]


How to maximize your interest with Timo Term Deposit?

After a whole year full of hard work and saving, how much of your account balance you are planning to save with the purpose of generating interest? No matter how much you are planning to put into your savings account, keep in mind that you should choose the kind of savings method that would not […]